How I Was Reminded Of The Importance Of Priorities

  trophy photo   How often do you question what really matters in life?  I was hit square in the face this past week as I drove by this pile of discarded trophies near my home.  I had to drive back and take a picture.  I’m certain there are scores of stories behind each one of these symbols of accomplishment.  There are no doubt years of practice, dedication, hard work and time that went into what it took to earn these trophies.  But for some reason (and I can only speculate) someone saw fit to toss them all by the curb for the garbage truck.

     Maybe, the person who earned these trophies died.  Perhaps, the family is moving and just doesn’t have the space to display them or it could be that what it took to achieve these trophies is a painful reminder of time lost with loved ones or too high a price that was paid.  At any rate, they ended up piled at the curb, discarded.

     It reminded me of the words of Jesus.  He said not to lay up treasures here on earth where moth and rust will corrupt but lay up treasures in Heaven (or prioritize the things in life that have lasting value).  He said where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be as well.
      Whatever joy, sense of accomplishment or pride represented by these trophies in the end amounted to nothing that has lasting value.  What impact are you and I making today that has lasting value and investment in the things that really matter?  Whatever story your life is telling, make sure its making a positive, lasting impact in the people you encounter every day.

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