When Life Sends the Rain Look for the Rainbow

UnknownThe thought struck me today as I was peering out the window.  Here in New Jersey today it is pouring rain, coming down in sheets.  It’s damp and dreary.  It started me thinking.  Days like today can get you down, if you allow them to.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t let anyone rain on your parade”.  But the fact is, sometimes they can, if you’re not careful. Then I thought about the metaphor as it applies to our lives.  I’m reminded that no matter how hard the rain falls, how long the storm lasts, eventually the sun returns.  It does without fail.  Sometimes it rains longer than we thought it would, the clouds are thicker than we had hoped, but the sun always returns.  And when it does, we need to be reminded that the beauty that we see in the bright sunshine of a new day could never be possible without the rain.  It’s the rain that sets the stage for a bright tomorrow.  It’s the rain that makes the grass greener, the flowers brighter, the air fresher.

The next time it rains and rains and rains, remember the sun will return and when it does you’ll be much better off for having gone through the storm.  So raise your umbrella, take shelter and be grateful in the rain. Look for the rainbow over the horizon and anticipate the return of the sun.  It’s coming.  I promise.


One thought on “When Life Sends the Rain Look for the Rainbow

  1. Absolutely. What interested me most is how what you wrote paralleled a song I just wrote. Hopefully the video will be done tomorrow and I will be able to upload it. It goes so well with your message.

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